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Come stay in our Vintage 1956 Silver Streak Clipper Trailer, sleeps four

The Trailer

Welcome........If you are looking for somewhere to spend your holidays that is unique then you won't be disappointed. We spent 2016/2017  following the dream of sharing our passion for Vintage American Trailers with a wider public. We found our Silver Streak in Ohio, USA and arranged for the purchase, some work to be carried out including 'polishing' and then the importation to France. We were incredibly lucky in that the condition was 95% original and in near pristine condition. We prepared a Terrace in a secluded and shady corner alongside the trees and then set about providing everything required to make a 'Stay' in the Trailer as comfortable as possible. To that end, we decided to build a fully equipped  'services' Chalet to compliment the facilities that are already in the Trailer.

Your Hosts

Dave and Natalie with Alex and Chloë will be happy to look after your every need whilst you stay with us. We have lived in Rennes les Bains for decades so have a huge amount of information about the area to share with you.

The Village

Rennes les Bains, has a magnificent  history going back to pre-Roman times. The location of natural hot Springs and also mineral  Springs in the village was incredibly important in those days. There is a Roman road that passes through the village which also links Rennes les Bains to Sougraine where there is a Saltwater Spring. In the 19th Century the healing properties of the Hot Water were discovered and the Village was developed as a Spa with the construction of the Bath Houses and various Hotels/ Appartments  and other building to house the 'Curists'. The 'Cure' is still in operation but 'regular' Tourism makes up the main proportion of visitors to the Village.  There are a couple   Restaurants, a Pizzeria , a Bar and  a Village Grocery Shop/Bakery. There is also a Tourist Office / Post Office.

A short presentation of the Trailer and Surrounding Area

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